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Entré Expands with Version 8.5 Update

For added speed with new installs, Version 8.5 creates a streamlined workflow for Entré operators and technicians. Now, operators can export programming from a panel in Entré and email it to a technician in the field who imports it into Remote Link and applies it to the panel locally. This is great for bringing on brand new panels or using sub-contractors for service. There’s no waiting on the operator to download the file, making installation fast and easy for panels that have not established communication with Entré yet.

Programming Templates: A Time-Saving Benefit
When you’re installing multiple panels that share the exact same programming, now you can rely on programming templates to make those installs even quicker and easier. To eliminate having to program each of those panels individually, now you can create a template in Entré, a big advantage especially for handling customers with multiple locations.

“You already have the information you need that’s not going to change — now you have the flexibility to import that default programming with one click,” says Justin Norris, product manager for DMP Access Control. “You may need to put in new zone names, but having all of the hardware automatically programmed makes it even easier to set up a new panel in Entré.”

XR Version 193 Support
Entré is now compatible with XR Version 193. With Entré 8.5, you’ll now have the benefit of the XR panel programming updates we released this month.

Along with XR Version 193 support, we also support numerous new features from both the 192 and 193 XR panel updates. For instance:

  • Multiple Card Formats
  • 1108 Doorbell Module Support
  • 1168 Wireless Smoke/CO/Low Temp Detector Support
  • Celsius Temperature Option
  • Integrator Port Connection
  • 714N Network Zone Expander Support
  • And more...

What Else Does Entré 8.5 Add?

  • CSV Importer
    The CSV Importer now allows operators to import CSV files from the web client.
  • Remote Key Programming
    Entré now allows you to store and change the panel remote key.
  • Retrieve Panel MAC Address
    For greater network or security management purposes, Entré now automatically retrieves and stores panel MAC addresses.
  • Direct Cell Connection
    Now you’re able to connect to the panel using Direct Cell. This is an Entré NOC feature that requires a VPN connection. You can use this method for higher security for panels that are connected via cell only.

Watch for Future Entré Updates
As our Entré team continues its focus on these and other improvements, stay tuned for the next update to be released in the spring of 2020. In the meantime, click here to see the Entré Version 8.5.0 (12/27/19) Feature Update TU-1127.

To upgrade Entré 8.5, please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-832. For additional information, please visit

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