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Effective November 10th, 2021, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured with updated Version 8.9 (11/5/21).

Entré 8.9 is compatible with Version 212 firmware and lower, but only features found in Version 202 firmware and lower are available.


Encrypted Communications: With Entré 8.9 (11/5/21), any direct cellular communications can be encrypted between Entré and the XR control panel.

Delete Panel Schedules and User Code Profiles: Previously, panel schedules could only be disabled. Now, you can fully delete a panel schedule. Turn on Allow deletion of items that normally may only be disabled, right-click the panel schedule, and select Delete.

The same update applies to user code profiles. Turn on Allow deletion of items that normally may only be disabled, right-click the user code profile, and select Delete.


Calculated Data Length: With some XR Series panels, data packets that exceeded the expected length would inadvertently be cut short. Due to this, some messages were rendered invalid. In Entré 8.9 (11/5/21), the ability to send varying data packet lengths has been improved, ensuring all data packets are accurately received.

Improved Copy and Prune Functionality: With Entré 8.9 (11/5/21), the Copy and Prune function continues to run even when the panel is offline.

Obtaining the New Software

Entré Security & Access Management software Version 8.9 is provided to dealers who have previously purchased an Entré license, are current with their Entré support agreement, and who have an Entré Certified Technician.

To upgrade to Entré Version 8.9 (11/5/21), please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888.436.7832.

For more information about Entré, visit the Entré Software page.

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