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Extend Your Cellular Reach, Quickly and Easily

Introducing the New 263EXT Cellular Extension Modules

DMP is pleased to introduce the 263EXT Cellular Extension Modules. Now you have the flexibility to install a remote cell module in the attic or wherever signal strength is best.

The 263EXT comes as a pair. One side installs directly on the control panel inside the metal enclosure; the other side allows for a standard 263 Cell module to be installed in its plastic enclosure up to 300 feet away. These two components can be easily connected with CAT5 or 22 AWG shielded wire. This wired connection allows the modules to communicate using standard panel alarm communication. Now you can install the cellular device wherever it has its strongest signal, without having to extend the coaxial antenna cable.

The new 263EXT Cellular Extension Modules are compatible with all 263 type modems and with all XT and XR Series panels. For more information, please review the Installation Guide and the updated Digital Cellular Communicators Spec Sheet. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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