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Fast Programming is Now Available in XT30/XT50 Series Panels

Set up XT30/XT50 panels faster, and get more installations done every day, with the Fast Programming option available only from DMP.

You’ve come to know DMP’s XTLplus™ Series Panels for their Fast Programming option that allows your techs to finish a job quickly and move on to the next customer call. Today, we’re pleased to announce that same option is now available in our XT30/XT50 Series Panels.

Fast Programming for the XT30/XT50 Series is now supported in the panel programming. Fast Programming is where the most common programming features are first presented on the keypad. When the panel programming defaults are acceptable for installation, and only basic programming options are needed, Fast Programming allows the technician to quickly enter information without navigating through all of the programming menus.

After choosing FAST PROGRAM, continue through the basic list of options:

  • Receiver IP
  • Weather Zip Code
  • System (Area, A/P, or H/S/A)
  • Hours from GMT
  • Wireless Siren Serial #
  • Zone Information

All standard programming options are still available in the programming menu from the keypad, Remote Link, Dealer Admin or the Tech APP. Otherwise, when the essential settings are all you need, the XT30/XT50 has what it takes to get the job done faster.

Additional features:

  • Multiple Chimes: New chime options are available for XT30/XT50 and XTLplus Series panels. Now, in Zone Information you can assign a DB (doorbell), ASC (ascend), or DSC (descend) tone to a Night or Exit zone. Having access to three distinct tones allows end users to easily differentiate between chime-enabled zones.
  • 1136 Remote Chime Support: With Version 172 (2/23/18), XT30/XT50 and XTLplus Series panels support the 1136 Wireless Remote Chime.

Read more in the complete Technical Update (TU-0947).

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