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June 13, 2011

SCS-104 Line Card Lets Central Stations Maximize Receiver Utilization

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has released the SCS-104 Line Card for use in DMP SCS-1R Network Enabled Receivers.

The SCS-104 provides the ability for an SCS-1R receiver to accept alarm and system messages via a digital dialer and network

messages with a single card. The dual capability, combined with greater speed and other enhancements, makes the SCS-104 a strong addition to the DMP Central Station product lineup.

“DMP has released a significant number of breakthrough products over the years,” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith, “but many new DMP products, including the SCS-104, represent incremental improvements. Expanding the capabilities and increasing the speed of SCS-1R extends the life of existing hardware and

enables Central Stations to get the maximum return from their equipment. The SCS-104 demonstrates the DMP commitment to Central Stations by providing ever-more capable communication technology.

In addition to the combined digital dialer and network communication capabilities, the SCS-104 offers other improvements over the DMP SCS-100 and SCS-101 cards, including:

  • Four dialer lines per card
  • One 10/100 network connection
  • Supports Caller ID, ANI/DNIS information

The SCS-1R is an advanced, highly reliable Central Station receiver that can monitor dialer, LAN/WAN or Internet accounts for alarm, trouble, user, and system reports. It provides full English readouts on all alarm messages with optional output to a host computer. The SCS-150 Main Processor Card now supports up to eight SCS-104 line cards, making it possible to configure up to 32 digital dialer lines and eight network connections using eight SCS-104 cards.

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