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Got Network? The Perfect Zone Expander for Easy Installs is Here.

Your POE Solution for Fast Installs and Flexible EOL Resistors for Takeovers

Introducing the 714N-POE Network Zone Expansion Module, allowing you to add four zones to XR Series panels and take advantage of existing network. Plus, it’s compatible with 1K – 10K EOL resistors.

What Does This Mean for You?
“There are often requests from dealers for an expander that’s compatible with different EOL resistor values,” says Brian Crouse, product manager for DMP’s Wireless & Keypads. “This is it, giving you a wide variety of options for takeovers.”

Like the 734N-POE, which provides full door access powered off of one device, the 714N-POE delivers that same time-saving convenience, using POE to power PIRs and other powered sensors. As a result, you have much more flexibility and can save time and money on installations.

“When you’re installing an alarm panel in a building that’s already wired for IP network, you can take advantage of that and save by plugging into the network,” Brian adds. “Other installers will need to run wire from the panel to the zones, but all you need to do is find your network drop, put one of these in, program the panel’s IP address and you’re done.”

In addition to fast installations, the 714N-POE also delivers fast communication to the control panel. “There’s nothing to program or set for zone operation. It’s automatically recognized, so panel communication is very quick.”

When XR Version 193 firmware is released, you’ll be able to program the 714N-POE as a network expander. (Until then, for XR Version 192 and below, make sure to program this as a network door, like a 734N-POE.) For additional details, click here to view the updated 714N-POE Network Zone Expander Module Installation and Programming Guide. (LT-1947)

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