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Graphic Touchscreen Keypads: Better Than Ever and Safer Too

Changing Wi-Fi passwords periodically is a best practice to avert hackers. But some users may not be aware that their systems’ internet connection to their monitoring centers has failed as a result of making that change. Now with this firmware update, there’s no need to roll a truck to assist those customers in reconnecting their Wi-Fi. We’ve added a message at our Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline™ Series keypads prompting users to reestablish that connection by entering their new passwords. As soon as they do, the panel automatically connects to Wi-Fi.

Touchless Arming
Now our Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline keypads also create an easy way your customers can arm or disarm their systems without touching their screens to enter their codes — in light of COVID-19, that’s very important! With this firmware update, you simply present your credential to the keypad’s built-in reader and eliminate the risk. After the arming delay expires, All/Perimeter systems arm All. Home/Sleep/Away and Home/Away systems arm Away.

This new keypad firmware requires XT or XR Series™ firmware Version 202 and includes other improvements that enhance the users’ experience. To learn more, please refer to the 7800, 7801 and 9800 Series Graphic Touchscreen Keypads Feature Update (TU-1154). If you have any questions or concerns about implementing this firmware update, contact DMP Technical Support at 888-436-7832 or

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