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How to Avoid Extra Charges on Your SecureCom Bill

By Stephen Bowen
Manager of the DMP Call Center

We enjoy the relationship we have with our dealers. We love to profit together with you. We certainly don't want you to spend money on a cell modem that you aren't using anymore. Hopefully these tips will help your company save time and money.

According to our Accounting team, one of the biggest SecureCom frustrations their callers have relates to being "double billed" on accounts. After reviewing these accounts, we typically find that two different modems are active for the same site.

How does this happen?

Maybe you replaced a 2G modem with a CDMA modem. Maybe a storm hit and you need to replace the LTE modem. Either way, replacing a modem without deactivating it is the biggest culprit of "double billing."

If the system is in Dealer Admin™ and the modem needs to be replaced, you can also deactivate it in Dealer Admin. After it's deactivated, you can replace the modem's SIM number with the new SIM number and activate it. That leaves you with one cell modem for the site and only one bill to pay.

What happens if you just replace the cell modem's SIM number?

That’s a great question. Actually, since we value the privacy of you and your customer, we aren't looking into what data is being sent, so the only thing that happens is your new modem gets activated. SecureCom Wireless doesn't know what happened with the previous modem. We don't know if it’s on a technician's truck, installed at a new site, on demo equipment at the office or in the recycling bin. That means we also won't deactivate your modem without a request from you to do so.

What should you do if you have a modem that needs to be deactivated?

  • Email You’ll need to include the SIM number, phone number and name of the site.
  • Or, you can call DMP’s Customer Service at 866-266-2826.

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