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How to Maximize Your ROI: Make Sure Your Access Control System Is Integrated With Your Security System

By Justin Norris
Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

The more benefits your security system delivers, the more it pays for itself. Video surveillance, for instance, lets you keep an eye on your business wherever you are. Next, let’s take a look at access control and how the right system can help your bottom line. Let’s take a look:

Convenience Without Compromising Security
Relying on a lock-and-key system can compromise your security; for instance, employees may lose their keys or duplicate them. Using access credentials instead is more secure because of advanced data encryption that makes duplication nearly impossible.

An access control system not only provides added security, but it also enhances your facility management capabilities. If an employee leaves your ranks, for instance, there’s no more need to retrieve keys or re-key your locks — Virtual Keypad™ Access allows you to delete an individual’s access privileges in real time. Even if you have multiple locations, you have the convenience of managing access privileges remotely.

Maybe you’re already using access credentials? DMP’s access control is compatible with multiple custom card formats so you can easily use the one that you’ve already deployed without replacing existing cards.

Not All Access Control Systems are Equal
Because DMP systems include an integrated panel, it communicates with and manages all of the various other devices installed throughout your facility. As a result, this single system not only gives you access control but intrusion and fire alarm capabilities as well as video surveillance.

For your convenience, you also have the flexibility to manage that system from a simple yet powerful app on your phone, tablet or Internet-connected computer. Not only are you able to add or delete users or change their access rights, but Virtual Keypad Access also gives you the flexibility to remotely arm and disarm your system and lock or unlock access-control doors — this can be especially helpful in a Lockdown situation. While your access-controlled doors are simultaneously locked, the panel sends messages to alert the authorities and provide the details they need.

You also have the ability to view and record video. In fact, your system’s video verification can map cameras to specific zones. In the event of an alarm, you can quickly view a live camera stream of that tripped zone and notify the authorities if you need to. If you’re unavailable to respond to the alarm, video verification allows us to work on your behalf and make quick decisions to protect your business from a threat.

Valuable Analytics and Increased Efficiencies
Another impact to your financial bottom line is having the ability to review reports detailing the arrival and departure of each individual and which protected areas they entered. And, you also can use the scheduling feature of your access control system to disarm your system to allow access for cleaning crews and other service providers and re-arm your security automatically. Therefore, when factoring in the ROI of access control, keep in mind that a professionally installed system with integrated access control minimizes the need for security guards to grant access.

Any time you receive an alert, you can quickly look at your Video Doorbell's live view, speak with the person and release the access-control door to allow entrance into your building - all from Virtual Keypad. With a high-definition NVR integrated into your system, you can also have around-the-clock recording.

How Does Access Control Impact Your Bottom Line?
With an integrated system, you get the full benefit of multiple security features, all working together. From an ROI point of view, these features can reduce your risk and streamline your business operations — all translating into money you can save.

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