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How to Upgrade Interlogix Panels to DMP

Here’s How to Save Time and Money When You Convert to DMP

When you have an opportunity to upgrade Interlogix panels, here’s how to give your customers DMP quality and save time and money doing it.

Upgrading Interlogix Wireless

The 738T Wireless Translator, for example, allows you to upgrade non-DMP panels without having to replace existing sensors that still work. The 738T translates low-frequency wireless transmitters — specifically 319.5 MHz used by Interlogix — to communicate with DMP’s XT Series and XR Series panels. With this one device, therefore, you can continue to use the working sensors to send supervision, alarm, tamper and low battery messages to the panel.
Other than Interlogix, Honeywell 5800 and 2GIG panels, which both use 345 MHz frequency, can also be converted to DMP using our 738T. When replacing any one of these panels, the 738T can be wired directly to our panel’s keypad bus. In the field, technicians can easily switch between 319.5 and 345 MHz by a button press on the device. You can also add the DMP 1100 Series Wireless at the same time.

The 738T allows your customers to have DMP quality without costly upgrades. Plus, it’s not necessary to keep the existing receiver in service; therefore, the 738T can also expand your opportunities in the residential and small-business markets by being able to convert all-in-one systems easily.

Converting Interlogix Hardwired Zones to Wireless Zones

Here’s an easy way to modernize any outdated hardwired burglar alarm system into DMP Two-Way Wireless. We offer two wireless input modules that allow installers to easily connect with existing hardwired zones to use them as 1100 Series Wireless zones. The 1158 Wireless Eight-Zone Input Module converts up to eight existing normally closed, hardwired zones into wireless. Likewise, the 1154 Wireless Four-Zone Input Module can replace up to four zones from the old system.

Converting existing hardwired zones into wireless zones that can communicate with DMP panels simplifies and speeds up installations. Existing wiring does not have to be re-run, and existing contacts can be reused with the new system with no need to replace the current end of line resistors.

Why settle for anything less when your customers can enjoy DMP quality? Solutions like these ensure fast and reliable upgrades. Plus, it’s worth noting that no devices exist that can translate or takeover DMP’s 900 MHz wireless control panels.

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