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IP Whitelisting Option Added to Dealer Admin

Lets You Limit Access Only to Trusted IP Addresses

With Custom Roles, you’re able to apply a variety of filters to easily and effectively control the Dealer Admin features that you want your personnel to have permission to manage. Now, with Dealer Admin Version 2.42, we’ve added another filtering capability, IP Whitelisting, to limit access only to IP addresses you authorize.

For example, you may want to allow panel programmers to log in to Dealer Admin only when their computers are connected to your corporate network. Dealer Admin’s IP Whitelisting gives you that option.

What Is IP Whitelisting and How Does it Help You?
IP Whitelisting is a security precaution that many companies are using to protect access to their sensitive data. For Dealer Admin, only your Admin users are allowed to enable or modify your whitelist.

As you know, you’ve been able to limit access only to systems that have performed a System Test. You also can filter by weekday, time and give permissions only to view, view and edit or view, edit and delete specific features. Enabling your IP Whitelist adds another layer of protection.

“We know you value the ability to secure your data by determining who has access to what and when,” explains Mark Hillenburg, vice president of Marketing. “IP Whitelisting is another feature in Dealer Admin’s suite of tools available that effectively allows you to do exactly that.”

For more information, please refer to Dealer Admin Version 2.42 Feature Update TU-1141. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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