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Local vs. Cloud Processing. Why Does That Matter?

By Jeff Britton
Vice President of Product Design

The cloud is opening up what seems to be endless resources and conveniences. But interruptions in internet service still present a very real problem, particularly for security companies that must rely on the cloud to process their systems’ most basic functions.

When presenting credentials to enter an access control door, for instance, or when automatically turning on a hallway light when entering your home, your customers expect instantaneous results. But systems that use remote servers must have uninterrupted internet service to complete those functions.

How will those unavoidable internet delays affect your customers’ confidence in their security systems?

DMP systems are always available, even when the cloud isn’t

This is a critical advantage to consider, especially when choosing a security manufacturer. When you choose DMP, you and your customers need not worry about their security systems working if their Wi-Fi is interrupted. Whether they’ve just armed their systems, swiped their credentials or triggered their Custom Action to turn on their porch lights, you and your customer can rest assured their systems will process that logic and complete those functions, with or without internet service. This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t design both the hardware and software that goes into every DMP panel.

What does this mean for you and your customers?

Because all of the logic of a DMP system is processed locally at the panel and never in the cloud, system functions, such as arming/disarming, access control or Custom Actions aren’t affected by unavoidable internet interruptions. Instead, they’re fast and reliable, direct from the panel.

That’s a fundamental difference between us and our competitors. We believe it’s a fundamental advantage for your customers too.

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