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Managing Alarm Communicators Just Got Easier

Plus Advanced CellCom Programming Options, Letting You Program Multiple Units, All at One Time

As you prepare for the 3G cellular sunset, it helps having a comprehensive list of all your CDMA and HSPA modems. With Version 2.26, now Dealer Admin allows you to easily see your 3G devices and track your upgrade progress. And when you upgrade other existing manufacturer systems, you also have the opportunity to receive a full free year of SecureCom Wireless™ service. To learn more about DMP’s Cellular Upgrade Program, click here.

Also with Version 2.26, you have a fast and easy way to make global programming changes on DMP alarm communicators. Dealer Admin now supports Full Programming and Mass Programming for the and DualCom™, CellCom™ and iComSL™ Series Communicators.

What does this mean for you? Being able to re-program one or multiple communicators at any time gives you and your customers more control over systems with added flexibility.

As an example, you may need to update all of the IP addresses on your monitoring center’s CellCom panels. To do that, you’d simply go to Dealer Admin’s Mass Programming page, select the CellCom system type, then change the central station receiver IP address before hitting Send to process the changes to all of the selected systems. It’s that easy.

Previously, programming options for DMP communicators were limited. Now, Full Programming includes all options that are programmable from a keypad.

To take advantage of Mass Programming and Full Programming features for DMP’s universal alarm communicators, simply go to Dealer Admin. For firmware details, please review TU-1102. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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