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August 25, 2015

The App 4.7 for Apple® and Android™ Supports New Video Products and Services

The Virtual Keypad App 4.7 now supports the recently released SecureCom Video cameras:

  • V-4010B-1 Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera
  • V-4020C-1 Indoor Cube PIR Camera
  • V-4050D-1 Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Dome Infrared Camera
  • V-4030PT-1 Indoor HD IP Motorized Camera

Last week, DMP launched a series of new SecureCom Video cameras that expand installation options for dealers. The new cameras enable dealers to provide better quality integrated video solutions to the needs of both their residential and commercial customers. The new camera series is easy-to-install, offers high-quality images and longer 20-second clips, and costs less than the existing cameras currently available. This full line of video products will allow users to have both local storage of video data AND have their event based clips stored in the cloud and transmitted to their mobile device all in real time.

"Cameras and video services have become universal for both residential and commercial customers. The quality is high and the prices are low," said Jeff Britton, SecureCom Wireless General Manager. "End-users can now record, view clips, view live video, control pan & tilt cameras all from their Virtual Keypad App. More importantly they can view live video to confirm real alarms with the authorities on their smart-phone. Dealers can enjoy additional RMR with cameras installed in every installation when installation at exit and entry points on the premises".

The Virtual Keypad App 4.7 supports Deleting a Device in Geofences

Apple users may now delete Geofences directly in the App in the Setting Screen. Under the Geofence Devices on the Settings screen, a list of devices will pop up. Simply tap the delete icon next to each device to remove it.

The Virtual Keypad App 4.7 is now available in Spanish

Apple users may also now view the Virtual Keypad App in Spanish. If the iPhone or iPad is configured to Spanish in the Settings, the Virtual Keypad App will display Spanish as well.

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