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The App 4.6 is NOW Available in the Apple Store and COMING to Google Play in the next 24-48 Hours

An "Arming ONLY App"

One reason your customers hesitate to add mobile control to their alarm system is the monthly cost. The new Arming App is a basic version of the Virtual Keypad App, and it’s perfect to add to your basic packages to include with every sale. Offering the app on every sale will help you close more deals.

With the Arming App, users can have just the basic features: arm/disarm, change settings, notifications and history. It’s the starter version of mobile control with a cost so low that there’s really no reason for your customer to NOT add it to their security system. Once your customers see how easy it is to use and discover the benefits of mobile control, you will have started them on the path toward upgrading to the full-featured app, adding new automation devices and other system enhancements, and increasing your RMR.

Dealers can activate this feature for ANY customer and ANY App version going forward by checking the Virtual Keypad Arming App box in the VK Admin Portal at

"Today Widget" Notification allows Apple users to quickly activate a Favorite from their easy-to-see today screen without logging into the App

Virtual Keypad 4.6 users now have the option to set up a widget on the Today Notification Screen. This will allow users to choose a Favorite to activate with this widget without logging into the App. Up to five different Favorites may be added to the widget screen. The widget is set up in the App settings screen.

New User Navigation features a consistent drawer menu tab on both Apps

The new user interface on version 4.6 includes a new Drawer Menu Tab. This tab is on the upper right-hand side. This menu houses all the different standard functions that previously were along the bottom of the App (Favorites, Rooms, etc). Tap the new menu icon to open or close the drawer.

Change Password on the Apple App

Users can now change their password directly on their smartphone in the App settings screen in version 4.6.

Android Users enjoy the Rooms Feature that Apple Users have already been using

Rooms allows users to take a picture of an area or room, or view the room from a live camera stream and place hotspots in the photo to control Z-Wave devices. Once devices have been assigned to the hotspot you can change the condition of the Z-Wave device by tapping the hotspot. The Virtual Keypad App 4.6 for Android will be available within the next 24-48 hours.

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.