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myQ® Garage Doors Now Integrated With Virtual Keypad™ App

Now You Can Integrate myQ® Garage Doors With the Virtual Keypad™ App

Lift Master® and Chamberlain® are widely known for superior quality and recognized for myQ® technology for smartphone control of their garage doors. Now, with a simple installation of the new low-cost 736Q myQ® Interface Module, those customers have complete control of their myQ garage doors — along with their favorite other security and home automation features — all with Virtual Keypad.

Users will be able to open and close doors, see their current status and receive notifications each time their garage doors are opened or closed. Better yet, the 736Q gives them the opportunity to take advantage of DMP’s powerful panel features like custom actions, Schedules, Favorites and geofencing, making it a powerful garage door integration.

About the 736Q

The 736Q module installs between the myQ garage door opener and a Z-GD00Z Z-Wave Garage Door Controller. This product is only compatible with Security+ 2.0 garage door openers. To verify that your garage door opener is a Security+ 2.0 Version, look for the yellow antenna wires and/or a yellow learn button on the motor unit.

For detailed information, please review this Installation & Programming Guide (LT-1978).

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