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New Canadian Price Lists for DMP and SecureCom Wireless

Ordering DMP products from outside the U.S. can place a burden on you as our customer, often requiring you to take extra steps before our products can be delivered. Because you are a vital partner to DMP, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us; therefore, we’re taking steps to simplify your purchasing process so your orders arrive faster.

For instance, you’ll no longer need to handle getting your orders through customs at the border. From now on, DMP is accepting responsibility as the Importer Of Record (IOR) and will provide all entry documents required by the Canadian customs.

“This means there’s no need for your DMP orders to stop at customs and wait to be cleared,” says Mark NeSmith, DMP’s vice president of Sales.

Depending on the situation, this could save days or longer. Our Canadian price list now also includes duties and brokerage fees. Otherwise, these payments would be required at the border before orders can proceed to delivery.

Additionally, DMP’s Canadian price list now reflects a standardized price in Canadian dollars, which we’ve estimated by taking a currency fluctuation over a 16-month period and averaging to 1.33. This means you’ll no longer need to convert our product pricing into Canadian dollars based on the current Canadian exchange rate. According to NeSmith, we will guarantee our pricing for a minimum of 12 months and will make changes only in the event the exchange rate has a dramatic change over the period of at least 3-6 months. “If any changes are needed, our Canadian customers will be notified well in advance.”

Orders for DMP products and solutions continue to increase in Canada, he adds. “By managing all the importation fees and challenges on our end, we are working to support your sales efforts. By selling to you in your own currency, we can help to maintain predictable cost of goods and deliver our products without any additional steps.”

For pricing, price lists or questions, please contact DMP’s Inside Sales at InsideSales@DMP.comor Customer Service at You may also reach DMP at 417-831-8362.

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