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“False Alarm Question” Provides Fast, Easy False Alarm Cancellation"

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has developed the False Alarm Question feature to help end users quickly and easily cancel false alarms. The new feature reflects DMP’s focus on the needs of both end users who could be assessed financial penalties for false alarms, and the needs of Central Stations that want to reduce the time spent processing false alarms so they can more quickly respond to genuine emergencies. Like most DMP innovation, False Alarm Question was developed in direct response to end user requests.

“DMP long ago recognized the need to provide end users with a simple way to reduce or eliminate false alarms,” said Executive Director of Marketing, Mark Hillenburg. “The CANCEL/VERIFY false alarm reduction feature has been available for many years. This new False Alarm Question feature provides a different option for end users to cancel an alarm, prevent an unnecessary emergency response, and avoid the financial penalty of a false alarm.”

When the False Alarm Question feature option is selected, the end user can silence an alarm by entering their code. The keypad will prompt the user with the question, “IS THIS A FALSE ALARM?” NO YES The user can respond by pressing YES to cancel the alarm or NO to confirm the alarm and summon help. This new feature is for people that have been looking for an alternative to the standard cancel/verify operation.

“In my opinion it can't get any easier” said Jon Adams, Customer Operations Center Manager for Atlas Security. “It allows the customer to do exactly what we want them to do in an emergency, which is act quickly….. this will help Atlas and other Central Stations keep our customers safe and secure.”

Dealers can retain the current CANCEL/VERIFY (default) operation or select the new False Alarm Question feature depending on their customer needs. This feature is now available on the XT, XTL, and XR100/500 panels and can be updated.

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