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New Product Notice - Glassbreak Simulator & Dual Tech Motion Detector

New Product Notice:

FG-701 - Glassbreak Simulator

The FG-701 Glassbreak Simulator is used for testing the reliability and installation effectiveness of the 1128 Wireless Glassbreak Detector. The FG-701 produces loud sounds that simulate the frequency of broken glass, causing the activation of any glass break sensors.

CDX-DAM - Optex Dual Tech Motion Detector

The CDX-DAM is an advanced dual-technology sensor designed to give extremely stable detection performance for a variety of indoor applications. The CDX-DAM features 82 detection dense zones for unparalleled distinction between human and small animal presence in the protected area. It also utilizes AIR technology to detect attempted masking. The CDX-DAM replaces the DX-60 Integrated Passive Infrared & Microwave Detector, discontinued April 2019.

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