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New Wireless Smoke/CO/Low Temp Detector With Synchronized Sounder

Introducing the New 1168 Wireless Smoke/CO/Low Temp Combo Detector With Synchronized Sounder

Installing smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors saves lives. Low temperature monitoring products protects property. Now, you can offer your customers all three types of protection with just one device installation. Introducing DMP’s new 1168 Wireless Smoke/Carbon Monoxide/Low Temperature Combination Detector.

When the 1168 goes into alarm, customers will know immediately which type of emergency it is. That’s because it has sensing technologies that work together to sound distinct alarms for both smoke and CO. In addition to a built-in sounder, a multi-lingual voice also alerts occupants of the alarm and maintenance requirements. The voice also announces what action they should take.

Whole-House Protection
The 1168 works hand-in-hand with DMP’s 1164 Smoke Detectors. If one 1168 detects danger and begins to sound, all 1168s and 1164s across the home will sound. This cadence synchronization with other 1168s and 1164s on the system can be a life-saving tool in providing whole-house protection.

Multi-Colored LED Provides Visual Alert
For added protection, the 1168 also has a multi-color LED indicator. RED indicates smoke detection and low temperature, and BLUE indicates CO. Hearing-impaired individuals will know at a glance if there is an emergency. Other LED indicators include:

  • GREEN = Supervisory indication; blinks during power on, reset and during normal operation
  • AMBER = Signal maintenance and trouble events

Is It a Real Fire or Just Burning Toast?
Because it uses multiple sensors, the 1168 can distinguish between a real fire and a nuisance issue. While an infrared (IR) flame sensor measures ambient light levels and flame signatures, the thermal detection monitors temperature.

Detecting real emergencies and alerting residents and their monitoring centers is what this UL-listed device does best. For customers with second homes or unheated basements, its low-temperature sensor can be especially beneficial. To protect pipes from freezing and bursting, the 1168 sends an alarm to the panel if the temperature inside drops below 40 degrees for 10 minutes.

The introduction of the 1168 means less time and labor to install and fewer devices on the wall or ceiling. Plus, with DMP’s Two-Way Wireless, your customers can rest easy, knowing they have the most reliable supervision day and night.

For detailed information, please review this Installation & Programming Guide (LT-1898).

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