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Now Shipping: New 738Zplus Z-Wave Interface Module

With Support for Water Valves, Blinds and Expanded Thermostat Range

Unforeseen repairs from busted water pipes can cause havoc to a homeowner’s budget. Your customers can avoid those costly repairs with a Z-Wave water shut-off device, now supported by Z-Wave appliance support.

Motorized Blind Controllers
Now shipping is the 738Zplus Z-Wave Version 105 Interface Module, which also adds support for motorized blind controllers. Your customers can add a Favorite to automatically roll up or close the blinds, or put them on a schedule to follow sunrise and sunset.

Expanded Thermostat Range
Version 105 also expands the range for Z-Wave thermostats from 1 to 99 degrees. Most thermostats on the market today can measure below 35 degrees. Having this increased range ensures accuracy and adds flexibility. This is a great new feature for customers with vacation homes in cold-weather climates.

Coming Soon in the Next Virtual Keypad App Release
Appliance modules are supported by 738Zplus v105, Graphic Keypads v203 and XT and XR control panels v192. Soon, with the next Virtual Keypad release, you'll have the perfect convenience to offer customers with vacation homes, allowing them to control Z-Wave water valves and blind controllers, all from the Virtual Keypad app.

App users will easily be able to control and shut off their water valves remotely by having a Favorite they control from their iPhone. And, if they've installed a water sensor, it can trigger a custom action to shut off the water valve.

Both Z-Wave devices easily learn in as appliances in the Z-Wave setup menu. Now, in addition to lights, locks and thermostats, the ability to control Z-Wave appliances like these adds a lot more flexibility and a lot of new opportunities for you and your customer. Expanded Z-Wave Thermostat Temperature Range will also be supported.

Supporting Firmware Updates
In addition to 738Zplus Version 105, the following firmware updates are required in order to support the enhanced Z-Wave appliance module and Z-Wave thermostat range.

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