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Now You Can Program Multiple Panels at Once in Dealer Admin

More Tools on Dealer Admin to Save You Time and Money

With Dealer Admin Version 2.23, automatically available to Dealer Admin users today, making programming changes to your global database or just to a group of panels has never been easier. Need to quickly change the IP addresses of all of your panels, adjust the Entry Delay for an entire school district, or change the Lockout Codes for the new alarm dealer that you just acquired? There are a multitude of reasons why you might need to make a programming change on a mass scale or on a few dozen panels. With the new features available in Dealer Admin Version 2.23, there is no cost and very little time required. The new Mass Programming Dashboard allows you to make the necessary changes, apply them to the desired systems, and then send the changes to all selected systems. On the Mass Programming Dashboard, you can also check the status of your programming changes to see when they are complete.

“Take this situation as an example: If one of your customers with multiple locations requests that their entry delay be adjusted to better meet their needs, one of your employees can make the change and send it to all their panels within a few minutes instead of having to connect to each panel individually. This frees your team to spend time on other projects, which helps increase efficiency.” states Duane Kugler, product manager for SecureCom Web Services. “We also have many dealers that incur a monthly fee from a third party service which allows them to re-direct all of their panels' IP addresses in case they ever need to change central station receivers for convenience or in a disaster recovery situation. Mass Panel Programming from Dealer Admin allows them to eliminate this monthly cost, yet still gives them the flexibility to re-program the communication information in their panels at any time.”

Step 1: Select System Type.

Step 2: Select system attributes.

Step 3: Verify programming status.

Mass Programming applies to XTLtouch/XTLplus, XT30/XT50 Series, as well as the XR150/XR550 Series panels. When you’re ready to make changes, simply select the desired panels and enter the programming settings. It’s that easy.

For details on Dealer Admin Version 2.23, please see the attached TU-1084.

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