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Now You Can Record Video for Four Specific Events

Now Your Customers Can Record Video for Specific Arming, Disarming, Access Granted and Access Denied Events

Cameras strategically placed throughout a facility can help you keep an eye on things, especially when you’re not there. Now with Virtual Keypad, any time someone arms or disarms a specific area or attempts to access a specific door, your customers can capture a video clip of the event.

Virtual Keypad app and browser both give your customers the ability to record video clips for four specific events: Arming, Disarming, Access Granted and Access Denied. For arming/disarming events, specific areas can be selected and either a SecureCom Video™ or Digital Watchdog* camera can be assigned to that area. Of course, video needs to be enabled on the system.

Likewise, Advanced Reports should be turned on to get Access Granted and Denied events. For access events, your customers can choose a specific door and assign a camera to that door. Regardless which event is selected, each time it occurs, the assigned camera will record a video clip.

This new feature gives your customers a powerful tool for safeguarding back doors, IT rooms or other restricted areas. Or, if a warehouse or other area is disarmed after business hours, they’ll have a video clip of the event to confirm who disarmed the system.

Unfortunately, sharing user codes is a security risk that is common among many small and medium-sized business. Now business owners can easily confirm if the user code being entered to arm or disarm a system is the actual user or another employee.

To set this up for your customer, use Login as Customer from Dealer Admin. For more information, please refer to TU-1114.

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

*The two Digital Watchdog cameras that are compatible are: DWC-MB721M4TIRDMP and DWC-MF21M4TIRDMP.

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