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Preorder New Access Control Enclosures

Now You Can Offer an Organized Finished Solution for Less

DMP’s expanded line of access enclosures gives you multiple access system options to meet your applications. You can place your preorders starting today, and they'll start shipping on April 16!

The new enclosures will allow you to install multiple DMP access control modules and power supply, all together in one place. “This is something our dealers have requested, and we’re excited to deliver,” says Brad Tucker, vice president of product management and support for DMP. “They’ll have the ability to replace several enclosures with just one — there’s no need to string cable from box to box — everything is centralized in one place, making installations go more quickly. Also, customers will appreciate the fact that less wall space is taken up.”

Depending on your requirements, DMP offers an eight-door configuration with a power supply for quick setup (352PM-G), or a 16-door configuration for larger installations (352M-G). Each enclosure has mounting plates that are removable so you can hang the enclosure for pre-wire phase, then come back with the electronics for trim out.

“Our dealers have always had the flexibility of mounting our 734 access control modules at the door or in a central location,” Tucker explains. “Now, in cases where they want to install in a centralized manner or are doing a retrofit of an existing system, this allows them to accommodate many of our access control modules, all in a secure enclosure.”

By taking the centralized approach, many technicians agree it makes future servicing go smoother. It’s easy to see and locate all of the wiring and see how the installation is done. And, DMP’s new design includes wire management anchors for easily making your installations look clean and organized.

Click here to view the spec sheet for Specialty Enclosures (LT-2139). For pricing information, please log in to to view the Latest Price Notifications and Updates. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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