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Schedule Training With a DMP Expert!

Our field sales staff are transitioning back to their normal travel schedule, and our field training team is following suit. To schedule on-site and in-person training, just give us a call or email. You'll find a complete list of DMP Regional Training Managers and their contact information below.

We're anxious to see you and continue developing the installation and programming members of your team!

Chris (CB) Warren, North West/Northern CA
Alaska, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Northern California

Robert Spencer, Central CA/LA

Larry di Scipio, Southwest/Southern CA
Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Southern California

Derric Roof, Texas

Luke Harris, Canada & Upper Midwest
North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwest Michigan, Canada

David Patton, Great Lakes & Midwest
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

Richard Villafane, Mid-South/Southeast
Kentucky, East Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, West Florida

Dean DaDante, Florida/Government

Luke Barnhart, Northeast/Mid Atlantic
West New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina

Tim Nissen, Director of Field Technical Training

Serving the Central States/Lower Mississippi territory: Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Tennessee

Serving the New York Metro/New England territory: New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey

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