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Supply Chain and Chip Shortage Price Increase

Supply Chain and Chip Shortage Price Increase
As you have likely been experiencing in many aspects of your life and business, supply chain issues and chip shortages have become a very real challenge for all types of businesses, especially manufacturers. At DMP, we have been able to amend our typical purchasing policies to alleviate many of these issues.

Over the past two years, we have increased our investment in inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods to weather these supply chain issues. As this situation has become more acute, we have invested millions of dollars outside of our normal component purchases to expedite and source hard-to-find components.This unfortunate situation forces us to make the following price increases.

Effective for 2022, all XR Series Control panels shipped after January 1st will have a price increase of around $15 at D5 Column. (This may be different depending on your Dealer Column Level). There will also be an additional $15 increase for XR Series panels that have a digital dialer onboard.

We know that many applications no longer require a digital dialer, and as the cost for supplying the dialer chip sets continues to increase, we are introducing five new XR Series model number variants that DO NOT have onboard dialer. To that end, we are not burdened with the costs associated with delivering that older technology. We also understand that XT Series and XTL Series applications are much more price sensitive. Therefore we will continue to absorb the increased costs on those products for the time being and there is NO INCREASE on those products.

Below is a list of the new XR Series model numbers:

  • XR550NPCB - Network Panel, Board Only
  • XR550NL-G - Network Panel in Large Gray Enclosure
  • XR550EPCB - Encrypted Panel, Board Only
  • XR550EL-G - Encrypted Panel in Large Gray Enclosure
  • XR550EA-G - Encrypted Panel in an Attack Enclosure

In addition, we are discontinuing the following slow-moving dialer-only XR Series model numbers. They will remain available while supplies last:

  • XR150DL-G – Dialer Panel in a large Gray Enclosure
  • XR550DPCB - Dialer Panel, Board Only
  • XR550DL-G - Dialer Panel in a large Gray Enclosure

As you know, we resell a number of products that are OEM to us from other manufacturers, and some of those products have had significant price increases as well. Products from Farpointe and System Sensor are affected by those increases. The model numbers are below:

Farpointe Products:

  • CSR-35 – Conekt Bluetooth and Contactless Smartcard Reader
  • P-300-H-A - Cascade Prox Reader
  • P-500-H-A – Alps Prox Reader
  • P-620-H-A – Mullion Prox Reader with Keypad
  • P-640-H-A – Patagonia Prox Reader with Keypad
  • DELTA3 – Contactless Mullion Smartcard Reader
  • DELTA5 – Contactless Single Gang Smartcard Reader
  • DELTA6.4 - Contactless Single Gang Smartcard Reader with Keypad
  • CSR-35-OSDP – Conekt Bluetooth & Contactless Smartcard Reader
  • DELTA3-OSDP - Contactless Single Gang Smartcard Reader
  • DELTA5-OSDP - Contactless Single Gang Smartcard Reader
  • DELTA6.4-OSDP - Contactless Single Gang Smartcard Reader with Keypad
  • PSC-1-H/100 - Standard Light Proxcard, Package of 100
  • PSM-2P-H/10 – ISO Prox Card, Package of 10
  • PSK-3-H/10 – Proxkey Ring Tag, Package of 10
  • PSK-3-H/100 - Proxkey Ring Tag, Package of 100
  • DE2/10 – DE2 Mifare Desfire EV1 Smartcard, Package of 10
  • DE2/100 - DE2 Mifare Desfire EV1 Smartcard, Package of 100

System Sensor Based Products:

  • 2W-BLX - Smoke Detector, 12V, LX-Bus
  • 2WT-BLX – Smoke Detector, 12V, LX-Bus, Heat
  • 1164-W – Wireless Smoke Detector with Sync Sounder
  • 1164NS-W – Wireless Smoke Detector with No Sounder
  • 1168-W – Wireless Smoke/CO Detector
  • 1184-W – Wireless CO Detector

We sincerely appreciate your business and are grateful for your trust in DMP. We are working diligently and urgently on your behalf to maintain the consistent flow of DMP products to you and our other valued dealers.

To download the January 1, 2022 version of the full DMP Price List, you can login here and download it as a PDF or as a full Excel File ready to upload into your purchasing system.

If you would like to download the all-new January 1, 2022 catalog with all of these changes included, you can download it here.

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