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Enabling One-Man Installs


The recently introduced XTL Wireless Security Panel makes it possible to consistently install a full, distributed, residential or small-business security system in about 35 minutes. The XTL includes a number of features focused on reducing installation time while still providing all the security features of traditional wired systems. The XTL, along with the new 9060 and 9063 Wireless Keypads and 1135 Wireless Siren, are now UL listed.

"Time really is money," said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. "For security system dealers, shorter installation time means more profit on each job. With the XTL, we've given them a system that makes it possible to perform more installations with fewer technicians each day. The XTL is no easily disabled all-in-one system. It's a professionally installed, distributed system that is real secure and real fast."

Actual installation of a typical system (panel, three doors, and one motion sensor, siren and keypad) can be done in as little as 35 minutes. Total start-to-finish installation time, including customer training and cleanup, can routinely be accomplished in only two hours. DMP drastically reduced system installation time through a number of new and existing features included in the XTL such as:

  • Wireless keypads that automatically associate with the panel
  • Wireless siren can be installed anywhere inside the premises
  • Wireless devices eliminate crawling through attics and pulling wires
  • PIRs can be configured from the keypad (over the air) or remotely from the office including: adjustable sensitivity via panel programming, walk test mode along with disarm/disable operation to save battery life.
  • Built-in GSM communicator
  • 28 zones, pre-programmed and in logical order

Installed XTL systems include two-way 1100 Series wireless DMP devices, including:

1135 Wireless Siren: This new siren makes it possible to quickly and easily place multiple interior sirens, creating extra security in residential and commercial installations.

9060 / 9063 Wireless Keypads: Fully functioning, supervised, wireless keypads that provide installation flexibility with all the features of traditional DMP keypads.

Stay tuned for our installation video coming next week! To view our promotional video on XTL click here. If you want to be informed of new videos by DMP, subscribe under dmpalarms on YouTube!

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