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Try Out the New Way to Select Virtual Keypad Services in Dealer Admin

Same Great Prices and Faster Selections

Take a moment to try out the new look and feel of selecting Virtual Keypad services. At first glance, you’ll see a cleaner, more organized layout.

See screenshot of new System Information page below.

For instance, now you have a description of each Virtual Keypad service before you select it. And if you’re an Admin user, you’ll also notice we’ve added pricing for each Virtual Keypad service based on your pricing tier. The price is displayed next to each feature, and the total price is displayed at the bottom of the page, updating automatically.

What Does This Mean for You?

“You’ll now be able to select Virtual Keypad services much quicker,” explains Clayton Tummons, vice president of software for SecureCom Wireless. “It’s all part of making it easier than ever to manage Virtual Keypad. Based on the selections you make, everything is very intuitive and clear.”

Setting Up New Systems

The two app options you’ve always had, Arming Only and Standard Virtual Keypad, are still available. To make it even easier, we now offer a quick option for the Standard App and Video Doorbell, and another for our award-winning Virtual Keypad Access, each with a single click.

Feel free to start using the new features today, officially releasing Monday, Sept. 9. For more information, please review Dealer Admin Version 2.28.0 Feature Update TU-1095. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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