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Two-Factor Authentication Now Available for Dealer Admin™ and Virtual Keypad™

Two-Factor Authentication Now Available for Dealer Admin™ and Virtual Keypad™, Adding an Additional Layer of Account Security
As consumers, we appreciate doing business with companies that require a second form of authorization. Today, we’re excited to offer you and your customers that same level of hardened security with Two-Factor Authentication for Dealer Admin and Virtual Keypad.

To ensure the person trying to log in is who they say they are, now you and your customers can require Dealer Admin and Virtual Keypad users to enter a security code they receive via text or email every time they log in. Even if someone gained access to a user’s password, access to the account still wouldn’t be allowed without the user’s trusted phone or computer to receive the code.

What This Means to You and Your Customers
For you and your employees, Two-Factor Authentication is an important step you can take to lock down access to your Dealer Admin account so you can take full advantage of managing your accounts remotely. Likewise for your customers with their Virtual Keypad accounts.

Furthermore, this additional level of security opens new doors for Virtual Keypad Access™, particularly among customers in the banking sector. Now those users can manage their companies’ access and security from their mobile devices and computers and enjoy the peace of mind knowing their Virtual Keypad accounts are protected.

Dealer Admin and Virtual Keypad users can opt in to Two-Factor Authentication or they can be required to use it by an administrator. For specifics, please review the Dealer Admin and Virtual Keypad Feature Updates linked below or refer to the DMP Spotlight and Training Center Videos.

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