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Universal Communicators Deliver DSC PowerSeries Compatibility, Much More

When there’s an opportunity to upgrade DSC PowerSeries panels, DMP’s DualCom and CellCom communicators make it easy, simply by connecting any one of the communicators to the DSC bus.

What Does This Mean for You?
As you may know, each one of DMP’s Com Series™ provides ECP communication with select Honeywell VISTA® panels. Now, with Remote Link™ Version 2.02, you can also program the PowerSeries panel remotely using the DLS downloading software. This gives you even more opportunities for easy takeovers and the ability to upgrade 3G panels for less using our communicators. Plus, those customers can now enjoy all the features available through the Virtual Keypad™ app.

When selecting the communicator that fits your installation needs, please keep in mind that all CellCom and DualCom models support the integrations with Honeywell and DSC panels. Furthermore, because DMP believes the most efficient method of communication is directly from the panel to the central station and not through a NOC first, we can offer free network communication.

What Programming is Necessary for DSC Compatibility?
Very little. In fact, for both Honeywell VISTA and DSC PowerSeries panels, with this update, you have a new diagnostic option that automatically sets all of the common programming fields in the VISTA or PowerSeries panel in order for the communicators to function properly. If you know the installer code, you won’t need to bother with the settings — it’s all done for you, making installations extremely quick and easy. If you don’t know the code, you can still configure communication manually.

New CID Option
Some central station operators want the original Contact ID code when processing panel event information. Now they have that option. There’s nothing they’ll need to do other than download the previously released firmware SCS-VR Version 1.4.6 and SCS-150 Version 107. Then, when they enable the new CID option, the receiver transmits the CID portion of the message, just as if it was coming from the host panel. Operators won’t need to change any of the data in the central station account. They’ll have all the information they need, including the host panel’s account number.

Other Enhancements

Enhanced Custom Actions
With this update, your customers can enjoy more capabilities with their Virtual Keypad’s Custom Actions. Now, system events such as arming or disarming, fire alarms and panic alarms can trigger custom actions. There’s no need to choose a zone — when your system is armed, for instance, you now can trigger those multiple Z-Wave devices and schedule them for specific days and times.

Improved Reporting for Virtual Keypad
Also, with this update, user code information has been added to specific system event notifications, such as Arming/Disarming or any other event that requires a user code. Now, if two people on the same system are logged in at the same time to the Virtual Keypad app, Remote Link or Dealer Admin™, regardless of which software they’re using, the communicator will now provide user code information to ensure that the person who triggers an event is accurately shown.

DMP has also updated the following to support Version 202:

Dealer Admin Version 2.39.0—DSC Bus support
Virtual Keypad Version 6.25.0—Supports Custom Action enhancements Version 2.24.0—Supports Custom Action enhancements
SCS-VR Version 1.4.6 – Supports CID format
SCS-150 Version 107 – Supports CID format
Remote Link Version 2.02 – Com Series Version 202 support

For firmware details, please review TU-1146. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.