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Version 2.22 Makes Managing User Codes Even Easier From™

Making It Easier Than Ever to Manage Users Across Multiple Systems

When you need to add a user to one or more panels from the Admin section,™ now automatically assigns the next available user number in all of your selected systems. You don't have to worry about existing user data being inadvertently overwritten in panels when the same number is applied across multiple systems. And, you don’t need to manually check numbers before adding users, although if you need to view user numbers for any reason, you can with user reports.

Also with this update, allows a user’s information to be easily edited, even if you don't have the user codes. This makes it easy for all authorized personnel to make changes. For instance, when your HR personnel needs to change an employee’s name, there’s no need to enter the user code. Now they can make the change and easily push it to all of the selected systems.

For more details, please review Version 2.22.0 Feature Update TU-1133. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or

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