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Video Verification - Your Simple, Low-Cost Service From DMP

Are you highlighting the competitive advantages of DMP’s Video Verification? Some platforms come with overhead costs, required servers and the need for monitoring centers to subscribe to modules with fees per operator. DMP’s doesn’t.

That’s because it’s completely set up in Dealer Admin with no software or hardware infrastructure to buy and no licenses to acquire from an automation platform. With a low-cost, fixed price-per-month add-on, you can provide Video Verification to your customers easily and affordably.

Plus It’s Simple to Set Up
It only takes one time, checking the Video Verification box at the top left of the Dealer page to enable the service for all authorized operators. The Time Window also lets you set the number of minutes they’ll be able to view customers’ cameras in an alarm. With that, a URL will be generated.

After setting up Video Verification the first time, it’s simply an issue of creating an action pattern and applying it to customers’ accounts. This is done simply by copying and pasting the URL into the central station automation at the account level in a user definable field. As a result, when an operator opens an alarm that’s come in for a particular system, the Video Verification link will automatically open up in the system’s default browser and the operator can quickly begin viewing live and pre-recorded video.

Video Verification sets up in a matter of minutes. And, it works with most automation platforms. If you’d like to see a Bold Manitou demonstration, click here. To view the dealer webinar on Video Verification, click here. Or watch for the next email in this series highlighting another way DMP’s Video Verification gives you the competitive edge!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or

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