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Virtual Keypad Access Adds Customizable System Overview

Now Customers Can Reorder Screen Sections Based on What They Use Most

The System Overview dashboard on Virtual Keypad Access gives customers a way to manage their system quickly and easily. At the top, they’re accustomed to seeing Arming and History followed below by other sections. Version 2.17 gives customers the ability to reorder those sections, based on what they use the most.

For a receptionist who manages the front entrance, for example, it may be more convenient to have the Doors section at the top. Version 2.17 offers that customization.

Other sections on the dashboard are Video, Favorites, Thermostats and Lights. Besides the ability to reorder those sections, now customers can reorder the items within each section. They also have the option to hide the sections they don’t need. And, when a section includes multiple doors or devices, now customers can even hide all but the ones they manage.

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