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Including Notification of Faulted Zones when Arming, Lockdown of Public Doors, and False Alarm Features

The DMP Virtual Keypad App now brings even more features to mobile devices with the Version 4.1 software update. Apple iPad/iPhone users can now take greater remote control over their residential or commercial security systems, whether they are across the room or across the country.

“The Virtual Keypad App is like a super remote control, and now it does even more than ever," said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “The latest version includes a false-alarm-reduction feature, simplifies system management with schedules, and includes faulted-zone functionality to allow users to correct a zone issue instead of auto force-arming. The XR Series panels now include door and lockdown control features that can be accessed with the App. This upgrade represents the DMP tradition of regular feature and function updates to extend the life and increase the capabilities of existing systems. And if users add cameras to their system, they will be able to take advantage of the video verification features.”

The updated version of the App adds these abilities:

  • Schedules: View, add, edit, and delete system schedules for arming/disarming, favorites (includes Z-Wave®), outputs, and doors.
  • Faulted Zones: when the system is being armed, the App alerts the user to any faulted zones and allows them to be force-armed, bypassed, or the arming process to be stopped so that any problems with the zone can be corrected.
  • False-Alarm Reduction: When receiving a burglary alarm Push Notification, “Is This A False Alarm?” is displayed, allowing the user to confirm or cancel the alarm by tapping YES or NO.
  • Enhanced Video Verification: If cameras are on the system, users can click on the Alarm Push Notification and open the App to view a list of available camera views, giving them the ability to verify the alarm based on the video clips and live thumbnails.
  • Door Control & Lockdown: Lock and unlock doors, and initiate lockdown to all public doors and Z-Wave locks (XR150/XR350/XR550 systems).
  • Rooms with a View: Allows users to watch real time device activation when clicking on hotspots embedded in the associated video stream.

These new features build on the already powerful capabilities of the App, including:

  • System arming/disarming
  • System and panel status
  • Z-wave automation of thermostats, light, and locks
  • Favorites, which enables control of multiple Z-wave devices with a single touch
  • Rooms, a feature that allows users to take a picture of an area and add hotspot control of Z-Wave devices
  • Real-time local weather
  • View live video from cameras
  • User-code management (add, delete, or edit users)

All App features are accessed through an elegant, intuitive interface.

Android Users can expect the new version of the app to launch with these features by early October.


  • XR150/XR350/XR550 Version 106 (7/28/14) or higher
  • XT30/XT50/XTL Version 119 (7/30/14) or higher

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