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Virtual Keypad, Video Doorbell Add Powerful Security Feature

Now You Can Share Video Clips to Catch Porch Pirates at Your Door

It’s your best defense against package thieves or undesired door knockers canvasing your neighborhood — with DMP’s Virtual Keypad app, you not only can use snapshots taken from your Video Doorbell, but now, you also have the power to share video clips with authorities or your neighbors. Virtual Keypad 6.18.3 and 6.18.4 updates allow you to download and save any recorded clips from your Video Doorbell onto your iOS or Android mobile devices and share those clips via text or e-mail.

“Having the ability to share video clips is a powerful feature for added security,” says Jon Adams, director of Business Development with SecureCom Wireless™. “The minute you receive a notification and see the recorded clip from your doorbell, you can take action and forward that video immediately to the authorities.”

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