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XR Panel Adds Cellular Entré Connection, IPV6 Support, and More

Delivering Greater Security, Flexibility, and Broader Reach

Today’s release of the XR 191 firmware update incorporates an extensive feature list. In addition to enhanced security, this week’s update gives your customers greater flexibility and gives you added support to broaden your reach among new customers.

Cellular Entré Connection
For instance, to give your Entré customers greater flexibility, DMP XR panels can now communicate to Entré via a cellular path. Your customers have the option to use cellular as their primary or backup path to Entré. In the event of a network outage, this addition allows panels to continue sending events over the cellular path.

IPV6 Support
To broaden your reach among customers who are already using the IPV6 Internet Protocol, this week’s XR 191 update adds panel support for IPV6 addresses and will allow communication with the SCS-VR via IPV6. The panel will also continue to support IPV4 addresses. However, this new feature allows you to also accommodate customers who require IPV6 addresses.

Additional Features

  • Increased Door Schedules - Capacity of schedules for the 734 module has increased from 8 doors to 16.
  • Updated Wireless Keypad Support – Allows up to seven wireless keypads to be programmed into a single XR Series panel.
  • Lockdown Output - Activates when a lockdown is initiated and turns off when the lockdown is cleared via a sensor reset. This output can be enabled in Output Options.
  • Instant Zone Type – Does not follow the entry or exit delay of its assigned area. Rather, if the zone is tripped during the entry/exit delay, the alarm will be tripped. This new zone type is in Zone Information.
  • Expanded Temporary User Operation - Start dates can now be added to a Temporary User. Once a Temporary User has reached its expiration date, the user will go Inactive. User settings can be configured in the Keypad User Menu.

Please review the instructions available in this Firmware Update - TU-1051. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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