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XR Series Now Supports Access Control Over Cellular

August 09, 2017

For applications where you can't or don't want to use network connectivity, you can now offer full access control capabilities over the XR150/XR550 panel's cellular connection.

"This exciting new advancement is another step towards making the SecureCom Access platform a powerful, fully-featured cloud-based access control solution," said Mark Hillenburg, DMP Executive Director of Marketing. "We are looking forward to releasing even more access control capabilities for the Virtual Keypad™ App and this summer that will round out the offering."

Where some dealers in the past have had to use other expensive options like other access manufacturers that charge heavy fees per door, or some type of third party local cellular communicator like a Cradlepoint™ to provide connectivity, now DMP dealers can affordably and easily provide access control anywhere they have a good cellular connection.

New Applications
This opens up a variety of new applications for access control. You can now provide basic access to multi-tenant building lobbies or gates where there is no local LAN connection, as well as pool gates, neighborhood buildings, or even agricultural structures and construction sites. You can provide access at basically any remote free-standing building. With access control over cellular your costs are fixed, no overages with flat rate plans, and you can confidently sell access control jobs without worrying about how much time or effort it will be to gain access to the subscribers local network or Internet connection.

To learn more, view the complete Feature Update information below:

  • Dealer Admin Site (, Version 1.6.0 (07/28/17) TU-0911

Effective August 7, 2017, the Dealer Admin Site ( is updated to Version 1.6.0 (7/28/17). As of Version 1.6.0 (7/28/17), the following features are now available.


  • Advanced Reporting: With Version 1.6.0 (7/28/17) advanced reporting is available under Add-On Features for XR150/XR550 Series panels with a cellular communication type and an XR Flat Rate plan. This option is only compatible with XR150/ XR550 Series panels operating with Version 110 or higher. This feature is charged on a per-door basis. Please see the SecureCom Wireless™ price list for more information.
  • XT30/XT50 Default Programming: You can now create and use preset programming defaults to program XT30/XT50 Series panels from the Tech APP or the Dealer Admin Site. These programming defaults are created on the Dealer Admin Site and allow panels to be quickly programmed in the field or remotely.

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