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XT Panel Supports New Smoke/CO/Low Temp Detector, Doorbell Module & More

Starting today, you can begin placing orders for two new products. One is the 1168 Wireless Smoke/Carbon Monoxide (CO)/Low Temperature Detector, and the other: The 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module. Both are sure to be a big hit among your residential and small business customers. Today’s release of the XT Version 192 firmware update adds support for both of these new products.

With XT Version 192, a new Doorbell (DB) zone type can be found in Zone Information and is intended for use with zones that are assigned to doorbells using the new 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module or any zone using an old fashioned doorbell button, making your alarm system function as a doorbell sounder throughout your entire house. When using the 1108 with a standard doorbell chime or a DB type zone with a button, your customers have the ability to hear their doorbells throughout their houses or small businesses and not miss important visitors or deliveries at their doors. The 1108 Module is available to ship now.

The 1168 combined Smoke/CO/Low Temp Detector gives residents protection against three threats in one device, and it delivers a distinct alarm for each one. The built-in temperature sensor not only notifies the monitoring center but also can send a push notification to the user when the temperature drops below 41 degrees. You can preorder the 1168 now.

Additional XT Version 192 Features

  • Zone Monitor Ouput — As you may know, this is an ideal feature for monitoring door zones with a chime at the keypad when someone comes in or goes out. With Version 192, you can assign the zone monitor to trigger other wired or wireless outputs as well, such as a sounder in the back office. You also have the option of turning zone monitoring off so it won’t trigger the output.

To take advantage of Version 192’s features, you’ll need Dealer Admin Version 2.25 software update. For firmware details, please review TU-1086. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.