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XTLplus Now Offers Hardwired Network Option

DMP’s New XTL+N Available for Preorder Nov. 30

Some customers may prefer a hardwired network instead of Wi-Fi. In that instance, a new member of the XTLplus Series offers the perfect solution. The new XTL+N is designed with hardwired network connection and an onboard cellular module for backup communications. On November 30, it’s available for preorder with shipments starting Dec. 7th.

“You may have a customer who likes the ease of the XTL package, but they have trouble with weak Wi-Fi signal — this option removes that potential instability,” says Aaron McGhee, product manager of Control Panels.

If power is lost, Wi-Fi routers would need to be reset; whereas a hardwired network will automatically connect as soon as power is restored. “The XTLplus Network panel provides that convenience and ensures they’ll always have reliable communications to their security company,” McGhee adds.

This expands the XTLplus family to include four models that all support one network keypad:

  • XTL+N (hardwired network connection)
  • XTL+Z (Z-Wave on board)
  • XTL+W (Wi-Fi on board)
  • XTL+WZ (Z-Wave and Wi-Fi on board)

For programming details:

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