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XTLtouch™ — Now Available With AT&T LTE

You know it as DMP’s enhanced all-in-one system — and until now, the XTLtouch has only been available to your Verizon customers. Today, we’re happy to announce the XTLtouch Wireless Control Panel with AT&T LTE is here!

“We’re very excited about this,” says DMP’s Vice President of Sales Mark NeSmith. “As you know, no other all-in-one offers the same powerful and flexible solution. For areas that require AT&T service, this allows our dealers to much more aggressively compete in the residential and small commercial markets.”

The XTLtouch combines DMP’s elegant and intuitive 5-inch graphic touchscreen keypad with the popular XTLplus™. You can place it in the best location with the option of wireless sirens and wireless keypads exactly where your customers want them. All the keypads have the exact same interface so users can learn them quickly and move from one to another easily.

Plus, it’s competitively priced. In fact, all in a single small footprint, the XTLtouch comes standard with:

  • 99 zones of DMP’s 900 MHz Two-Way™ Wireless
  • LTE AND Wi-Fi communication
  • Six Areas or Home/Sleep/Away Arming or All/Perimeter
  • Remote control via DMP’s Virtual Keypad™ app or
  • Built-in Z-Wave support for up to 140 Z-Wave Plus devices
  • Custom Actions - up to 20 different user programmable scripts that can be
    programmed into the XTLtouch
  • Video integration with multiple options via the Virtual Keypad app or browser

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Compared to other all-in-one systems, the XTLtouch design offers much more:

Entry Check-In Protection
All XTLtouch installation options offer Entry Check-In Protection included at no extra price. In the event of an intrusion, this is a proactive safeguard against a burglar’s fast tactic to disable the security system before it can send a signal. “Entry Check-In Protection is based on the same reliable check-in technology that we’ve used for years for our high-security customers,” NeSmith explains.

External 110dB Wireless Sirens
The XTLtouch’s external 110dB wireless siren can be placed anywhere. When it comes to real security, this can make a resounding difference. “The first thing an intruder would typically do is try to disable the soundmaker,” NeSmith says. “But with the XTLtouch, since the siren won’t be coming from the main panel, it’s not alerting the intruder to where the main system is; therefore, it’s more secure.”

Fast and Flexible Installations
And don’t forget, the XTLtouch offers table-top and wall-mount installation options to fit your customer’s preferences. And, depending on where you find the best cell reception or wireless coverage, you’ll be able to place the panel wherever it works best with the option of installing up to eight wireless sirens, as well as seven additional keypads. Those keypads all have identical user interface as the main unit and can be placed exactly where your customer wants them.

For more information, refer to the literature below:

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