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XV Gateways Include Loitering Analytics and Immix Integration

XV Gateways with AlarmVision™ have two new features in the latest firmware update that help you provide more service to your customers.


Your financial and retail customers may want to know more than whether a person is seen on their premises. The big question might be – how long has that person been standing there? XV Gateways can respond to that question. Specify how long a person can loiter before triggering an action or alarm. The clock starts as soon as a person is detected.

  • Person Detection Regions Only
  • Configurable in Minutes and Seconds

Offer your customers additional protection in potentially sensitive or high-traffic environments.

Immix Integration

Does your monitoring center use Immix to centralize video monitoring? If so, deploying XV Gateways is easier than ever. Integration is simple, with only a few steps. Easily configure your monitoring center’s access to video through Dealer Admin. Learn more about XV Gateways

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