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Your Ultimate Takeover and Upgrade Tool is Available Today!

An elegant way to upgrade one-way, low-frequency, wireless transmitters and give your customers DMP quality

DMP now manufactures a translator that outperforms competitor units and provides an exceptional method for you to gain new customers. DMP’s new 1100T Wireless Translator is designed to translate various one-way, low-frequency wireless transmitters. Specifically:

  • DSC — 433 MHz
  • Interlogix — 319.5 MHz
  • Honeywell 5800 — 345 MHz
  • 2GIG Series — 345 MHz

What this mean to you is…
With this one device, you can easily take over any one of these systems and upgrade them to DMP panels, receivers and software management tools — all while reducing new account creation costs and improving your customers’ experience.

Installations are easy and profitable
One 1100T can learn in up to 128 zones. With this one device, you can continue to use the working transmitters and sensors to send supervision and low battery messages to the panel.

Keeping existing transmitters and sensors in place allows you to save your customers money and reduce their level of interruptions with quicker installations. Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to give users the smart home features they love with automated actions, integrated cameras and video doorbell, all with Virtual Keypad™.

The 1100T allows you to give your customers online and app convenience and functionality plus DMP’s Two-Way Wireless™ technology, all without increasing installation costs.

DMP’s 1100 Series Wireless offers increased security and easier upgrades
As you know, DMP’s Two-Way Wireless uses 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum. This ensures clear and accurate signal transmissions without interference in practically any environment. Furthermore, the 1100T Wireless Translator offers Survey LED capabilities and communicates directly with the 1100 Receiver, allowing one person to confirm communication with the receiver or panel.

In review, here’s what the 1100T Wireless Translator means to you:

  • Wireless compatibility with XT, XTL or XR Series panels and all 1100 Series wireless receivers
  • Easily upgrade systems with one-way wireless transmitters without replacing wireless devices
  • Keep system takeover cost down and save technicians’ time
  • Receive supervision and low-battery messages directly to DMP panels
  • Gives customers proven reliability of DMP’s Two-Way Wireless when DMP transmitters are added to the system
  • Compatibility with life safety devices and is certified for commercial and residential smoke detection

When you have the chance to take over other wireless alarm systems, you owe it to yourself and your business to choose DMP’s 1100T Wireless Translator. Order yours today!

Related Firmware Updates:
The following 1100 Series wireless receivers have been updated to Version 207 Firmware:

  • 1100D Wireless Receiver
  • 1100DH High Power Wireless Receiver
  • 1100DI Wireless Receiver
  • 1100X Wireless Receiver
  • 1100XH High Power Wireless Receiver

The following 1100 Series encrypted wireless receivers have been updated to Version 301 Firmware:

  • 1100DE Encrypted Wireless Receiver
  • 1100DHE Encrypted High Power Wireless Receiver
  • 1100XE Encrypted Wireless Receiver
  • 1100XHE Encrypted High Power Wireless Receiver

Please review the technical documents linked below:

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.