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Life Safety is What They Want After All - The 1100T Wireless Translator is the industry's only wireless translator listed and approved for life safety. | Current Technical Support Hold Time is .

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A UL classified software solution that runs on a server as a virtual receiver for network IP and cellular communications. SCS-VR manages alarm signals and supervision messages without the maintenance, space or power requirements of a rack-mounted hardware receiver. Licensing options available for small organizations to those monitoring thousands of accounts.

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A server-based virtual receiver and cellular alarm communications

Allows monitoring from one to thousands of network and cellular control panels

Allows for redundancy across multiple databases and multiple locations

Manages all network and cellular alarm signals, supervision and substitution messages

SCS-VR Virtual Receiver Reference Guide: Panel Messages

DMP panels send messages to SCS-VRs that are received and displayed in Serial 3 format. This guide provides reference information to help you read panel messages.

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