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XV-24 with AlarmVision™ turns your customers’ cameras into a crime deterrent tool, giving them peace of mind that their property is being actively monitored.

AlarmVision's patent-pending technology seamlessly integrates cameras, analytics and the XR series™ control panels in one platform to create smart motion detectors that trigger panel responses and alarms in real time.

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how it works

XV-24 with AlarmVision™

Reduce False Alarms:

  • Cross zoning and end user/monitoring center with video verification reduces false alarms.
  • Actions, outputs or any alarm action can be triggered based on the detection of a person, vehicle or animal.

Remote Programming Through a Single Pane of Glass:

  • Program cameras, analytics and panel zones with one interface - Dealer Admin.
  • Remote setup allows quick install and maintenance.
  • Ease of install reduces labor and truck rolls.

Real Events

Define where you want to detect activity within a camera's field of view.

Specify what activity you want to detect - person, vehicle and/or animal.

Schedule when detection of that activity should trigger a response.

Real Time

Add real time analytic monitoring to your customer's existing video cameras.

Add cameras to your existing systems to enhance security.

Real Response

Deter intruders and unwanted activity by triggering on-site alarms, lights and/or talk down devices in response to event detection.

Provide actionable notice to monitoring centers and Virtual Keypad users that a real event has been detected by including event capture.

Accurate and actionable analytics always deliver the best solution to proactively ensure safety, security and compliance. Ready to order?