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How to Get the “Easy” Sales? Put DMP’s Customer Referral Program to Work for You!

How to Get the “Easy” Sales?

Put DMP’s Customer Referral Program to Work for You!

By Jack Conard

Director of Sales Training, DMP

November 8, 2019

Any salesperson who has successfully asked for referrals knows they’re some of the most valuable leads you can get! But only 11 percent of salespeople ask their customers for them. Why so few? Mainly because they haven’t been trained on the right way to ask and they just keep missing out on a lot of easy sales.

How to secure the easy sales?
As a sales trainer, I teach sales professionals to always give before expecting to receive. DMP’s new Customer Referral Program creates a unique way to do exactly that.

From Dealer Settings in Dealer Admin™, you can now enable Customer Referrals, which allows you to offer your current Virtual Keypad™ app users an incentive to refer an alarm system to their friends. You can tailor the offering as you like, and it's all managed automatically for you in your Dealer Admin account.

When you enable it, your customer will see a new Refer a Friend tab in their Virtual Keypad app — this allows them to easily text their friends a link from Virtual Keypad that is customized with your branding and message.

This new program helps you solicit the referral, capture it, track it and assign it for follow-up. More importantly to the customer, you have an opportunity to give them something free; for example, a Video Doorbell or Z-Wave garage door opener — any of the cool features customers love that we offer. Change your offer regularly to promote all of your new features and products. And be sure to give the referred person something too!

Customer Referrals Go Hand-in-Hand With Customer Appreciation
With the new Customer Referral Program in place, it’s a great time to expand your Customer Appreciation Program and call on your customers. Ask for a few minutes to explain your new referral program and how they can get free security products or services while also helping their friends and families have the same piece of mind they have.

While you’re visiting, ask if they have any questions about how to use their system or what to do in the event of an emergency. Let them know you’re always available and want to make sure you’re continuing to provide the security and protection they need.

Calling on your existing customers on a regular basis increases their satisfaction by 20 percent. In turn, satisfied customers are happy to tell their friends and families about exceptional products and service, and those referred prospects are four times more likely to buy.

So why not put the new DMP Customer Referral Program to work for your benefit! For more program details, click here.

To your success!

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