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You Can Add ATM Vestibule Security for Much Less Than You Think

Check Out DMP’s 734B Bin Code Access Control Module

By Justin Norris

Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

July 15, 2020

With the threat of Covid-19, your bank’s ATMs are far more than just a convenience you provide to customers — now more customers are relying on ATMs for their cash needs so they can avoid person-to-person contact. With Covid-19 however, you may have reduced your security staffing. In these uncertain times, that means some of your ATM vestibules may be vulnerable.

As your partner in security, we wouldn’t want you to take that risk!

That’s why we’ve designed the 734B Bin Code Access Control Module. In combination with a magstripe reader, the 734B gives you the ability to protect your ATM vestibules and lobbies by restricting access only to your customers with valid bank cards.

With the 734B, you don’t have to program user codes for every single customer of the bank. You can program a single Bank Identification Number (BIN) into the panel and use that as your basis for access control. To control access, the module processes the bank card’s BIN that can be up to eight digits long.

As you can imagine, one of the nicest things about adding BIN code support is no need to grant users any new credentials. The 734 allows them to use the same bank cards for access that they’re accustomed to using at the ATM itself.

As for price, the 734B is less than half what you’d be expected to pay elsewhere — even for an access-only system. As you know, your DMP XR Series™ control panel gives your bank powerful built-in access control capabilities combined with security. This gives you important advantages; namely in this case:


The 734B installation is simple, just like any of DMP’s access control modules you’re already using. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to pick your reader — the 734B is compatible with any swipe-based magstripe reader that outputs ABA data. You’ll also be able to run reports, make users inactive and use Entré™ or Virtual Keypad™ Access to easily change BIN codes.


The 734B offers three separate modes of operation – BIN codes can be processed at the panel or locally from the access control module with supervision provided by the panel. For added flexibility, the 734B can also be programmed as a standalone system without requiring a panel.

Bottom line: Securing your ATM vestibules is a necessary investment. With DMP, we can make it affordable too. Click here to learn more about DMP’s 734B Bin Code Access Control Module.

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