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900 MHz, Frequency-Hopping Spread-Spectrum And Now 128-Bit AES Over-the-Air Encryption

DMP 1100 Series Wireless Has It All

Earlier this month, we released the first of DMP’s new 1100 Series Wireless devices and receivers with full support for 128-bit encryption capabilities (Click here to see that release). Added to this exciting line of new DMP products are these newly released devices and receivers:

  • 1100XE Wireless Receiver
  • 1100XHE Wireless High Power Receiver
  • 1101E Universal Transmitter
  • 1103E Commercial Universal Transmitter
  • 1142E Wireless Two Button Hold Up Transmitter
  • 1144E Wireless Key Fob

Please keep in mind that DMP’s existing 1100 Series Wireless is the most secure wireless in our industry, leveraging military standard, 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum supervised communication to attain UL listings for commercial fire and burglary.

Wireless encryption is for customers who want to add an even more hardened layer of security. Now you can have the best of both worlds, industry-standard 128-bit AES encryption over the air, and frequency-hopping spread-spectrum. For added security, DMP 1100 Series encrypted devices allow you to enter your own passphrase for unique key generation, providing full encryption end to end.

DMP’s new encryption model numbers are offered separately from existing 1100 Series devices. For the highest level of encryption, it is recommended that all devices on the system be E models, although each of the new products are fully backward compatible with systems that do not support encryption, so they can be added to existing systems or operate as a stand-alone system.

To enable encryption with E models, version 183 or higher is required for XT and XR Series panels. For additional information about this week’s product releases, please review the links below.

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