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Manufactured in U.S.A. with U.S. and Global Components

March 15, 2017

Mark Hillenburg
Executive Director of Marketing 3/15/2017

“Made in the USA” is something you rarely see today. More and more products are made elsewhere.

But there is much confusion about the use of the phrase "Made in the USA.” What that means to most of us is contrasted by its very strict definition by the Federal Trade Commission. Although we manufacture all of our products at our factory in Springfield, Missouri, many of the components that we use are not indigenous to the U.S. and therefore come from around the globe. To that end, when you purchase DMP products, you'll see "Manufactured in U.S.A. with U.S. and Global Components" printed on them.

With enough of our components made globally, the phrase we must adhere to doesn’t always best describe us — we have always been located in Springfield, since we started back in 1975.

Still to this day, all of our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Springfield. And, we test 100% of that product and ship it directly to you on the day you order it. Through quality engineering, in-house software development and tight control of every step, we’re able to produce high-quality security products at competitive prices.

Some of the products that we sell are OEM products, not made by us, and they're labeled appropriately to their country of origin. Likewise, our electronic components come from all over the world, which we then populate and solder using American labor. All of our injection-molded plastic, and all of our metal enclosures are sourced from other U.S. manufacturers.

Manufacturing in the U.S., using the best components we can find from all over the world, keeps our technology advanced and your supply chain short, which helps you realize a consistently high-quality product that meets your requirements and stays ahead of your competition. And, the fact that our engineering and manufacturing expertise is right here in the U.S. means that whether you’re a dealer, an integration partner, or a supplier, you know that you can speak directly with the people who designed the circuit boards or wrote the software.

Because of our U.S. manufacturing and focus on U.S. content, we're honored that our security products meet the requirements of the Buy American Act (BAA), which states, "We hereby certify that the security products manufactured by DMP are made in the USA with imported and USA parts, and utilize a minimum of 51% USA content to meet the provisions of the Buy American Act (BAA)."

From the initial concept of the product, the schematic of the circuitry, the printed circuit board, and software design, it’s all completed right here in Missouri. We're excited to be able to do all that in the heartland of the country where we began more than 40 years ago! And we're honored to work with a strong team of people who stand behind those products and are dedicated to our industry and to our dealers.

We'd love to show you our headquarters, engineering, call center, factory, and fulfillment center! If you're passing through Southwest Missouri, we hope you'll stop by; we're right off I-44 and US-HWY 65. Click here to view a map to help you find our location, or here for our "Made in the U.S.A." flier.

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