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DMP Introduces the Model 1136 Wireless Remote Chime

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We are excited to release the DMP 1136 Wireless Remote Chime. The new sounder is plugged directly into a wall outlet - no need for batteries! The 1136 provides extra annunciation in installations that benefit from a louder keypad chime, or small multi-family applications where no keypad is installed and the system is controlled from an app.

The 1136 annunciates Chimes (Zone Monitor), as well as Entry Delay, Exit Delay, and Alarm messages. Three different tones are available to choose from: DB (doorbell), ASC (ascend), or DSC (descend). View the video below to learn more and hear the different chimes.

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“The applications are endless with the new 1136 Wireless Remote Chime. In cases when a customer has difficulty hearing the keypad chimes, or if they control their system by the app and don’t have a keypad, this multi-function sounder plugs directly into a standard 110VAC wall outlet and allows for flexible placement of additional sounders” said Vice President of Global Accounts, Mark NeSmith.

For more information, view the below documents:

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