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DMP Releases the Next Generation of Teller Machine Security

Springfield, MO – As a leading manufacturer in the financial security industry, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announces the release of the TMSentry. This new control panel represents the latest alarm system technology designed specifically for monitoring automated teller machines (ATMs) and interactive teller machines (ITMs). As banking teller machines become more compact, interior space becomes a premium and the technology to protect them must become more robust.

“This new product’s smaller form factor is perfect for space-restricted applications,” said Jon Adams, vice president of sales at DMP. “With TMSentry, the ATM owner can now go back to placing this security solution inside the chest of the machine. It is so small in fact, that it will fit inside the safe in many teller machines, delivering an additional layer of security. This compact product is also ideal for the privately-owned ATM market, which features smaller machines inside tight retail locations.”

High security features are built into this panel, with the specific needs of the financial industry in mind.

Benefits include:

  • Compact size – Easily accommodates new, slimmer ATMs and ITMs, as well as existing machines needing enhanced security measures.
  • Free Network - Dealers receive free network communication, offering the ability to easily increase RMR.
  • Built-in Encryption – Signals to the monitoring center and Dealer Admin use industry-standard AES encryption to protect data from being intercepted by third parties.
  • Adaptive Technology™ – If the primary communication path is disrupted, Adaptive Technology seamlessly switches to the panel’s secondary path, ensuring constant communication.
  • Streamlined Audit Reporting – Inactive User auditing and Inactive Zone auditing make compliance reports easy.
  • Comprehensive Security – Six fully supervised alarm zones allow for the addition of security devices such as seismic detectors, door contacts and heat detectors.
  • U.S. Made – Designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S. with U.S. and global components.

Teller machine use and design has changed over the years. Today’s consumers prefer simpler digital solutions and closer-to-home convenience. Teller machine robbery and machine theft is becoming more frequent. As this industry continues to grow and ATMs become even more prevalent, the need for effective security solutions grows with it. Provide your financial customers with the highest level of protection in the most compact size available on the market.

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